Healthy Drinkable Water Equates To Long Term Fitness And Happiness!
As water is an indispensable part of human lives, it is vital to use it in its most optimum state. We at GlobeXi (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. are a Japan based brand employing our resources to ascertain that the water at our client’s place is absolutely safe to consume and proves to be healthy in the long term. The alkaline water filter under the brand name Amequa is our achievement in the field as it delivers alkaline water that is a healthier option for human consumption as against the little acidic water obtained from normal water filters.

We are not just a water filter manufacturer that has a goal to produce a specific number of products in a year to meet the business goals but are driven by a humanistic approach. Our love for humanity and good health has made us popular among the smart buyers in India and abroad since years. In this era of cutting edge technology, our team is adept and committed to excel every time when it comes to manufacturing designs that not just deliver healthy water but are also a reasonable deal in all respects. The quality control experts at GlobeXi (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. understand the importance of catering to the customer needs well and hence, never fail to check and re-check the quality of the products several times till it succeeds to pass their standards (industry global standards).

Our innovative water treatment solutions appear in various easy to handle designs of water filters, cartridges and other related products in different parts of the globe including a major share in Indian market. We are committed towards excellence that makes it easy for us to come at par with the expectations of our esteemed customers all over the world. Our refined products always find supreme essence in the present day lifestyle and this fact energises our efforts to realise our optimum potential without fail.