Ageing is a natural process that is least desirable but continues against our will. It happens at a fast rate if one does not pay attention to the key factors such as diet he consumes, water he drinks and the lifestyle one leads. The most important one among these is the water that is consumed on a daily basis. It sets the pace for the overall growth of cells in the body and how well they are hydrated so as to delay ageing to a great extent. Our antioxidant alkaline water filter provides not just alkaline water but generates adequate amount of antioxidants in each drop of it so as to ensure good health in the long term.

We are not just a water filter manufacturer but an Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter Manufacturer that understands the need of the hour. There are so many pollutants in the environment and we need to protect ourselves from the same. These pollutants while making the land, water and air polluted play havoc with our health in multiple ways that are unknown to us even today. A unique product with high utility such as an alkaline water filter promises you to safeguard your well being not only in the short term but in distant future as well by reversing the aging process.

Amequa India, an Antioxidant Alkaline Water Filter Manufacturer, is a brand that has redefined the industry standards and brought in a situation of healthy competition in the market. We are a Japan based brand catering to the healthy water needs of the public in different parts of the world. Our qualified, diligent and committed team of professionals at Amequa India strive hard to achieve excellence in each product design that leaves the manufacturing units. The water filters or the cartridges produced by us have to pass several tough tests before hitting the market and we take pride in the fact that all of them comply by the industry standards without fail.

  • Amequa Alkaline water decelerates aging and boosts your immunity
  • As you age, cells are increasingly dehydrated and become depleted of hydrogen.
  • Amequa Alkaline water, rich in active hydrogen, acts as a powerful antioxidant that reverses cell damage caused by oxidative free radicals.