Alkaline Water Filter Cartridge is called Mineral Cartridge which is also known as alkaline filter & is installed after RO Membrane filter, to give soothing & sweet taste to the pure drinking water. This Mineral Filter also makes the water healthy for drinking by increasing the ph value of drinking water to above 7 & imparting essential bio minerals

Helps to keep your body's PH level balanced with PH+ water Boosts Energy and Hydration levels with micro cluster technology Removes harmful free radicals that cause cancer, diabetes, hypertension Supply's body with essential minerals such as Ca, Mg, K, Na Increases up to 20% more oxygen in your drinking water.

Bio Mineral Cartridge containing Mineral balls/rice balls & Activated Carbon, Suitable for Kent/Aquaguard & other RO Water Purifier Systems, Completely de-chlorinates the supply/feed water & enriches it with essential minerals, Laboratory tested Activated Carbon.