Japanese air purifier carries multiple ring type corona discharge technology based on patented technology mrd (multiple ring discharge) technology and effectively performs about 3 times more ions than conventional corona discharge with the same power consumption.
By this new ion system, dust and dust floating in the air, particles of pollen and mold such as allergens which are the primary cause of allergy are electrified and rendered harmless.
it is very economical without wasting useless running cost monthly.

Product specification:

  • power supply voltage: ac 100 v 50/60 hz, dc 12 v
  • power consumption: up to 8w
  • dust collection method: new ion method
  • disinfection deodorization method: ion/ozone oxidative decompostion
  • ozone generation amount: 0.05 ppm or less
  • dimension: width 160mm x height 50 mm x depth 165 mm
  • Applicable area: 4.5 tatami to 20 tatami
  • main body material: abs and pom
  • maufacturing country: japan

What we offer

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